Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It's hard in our day and age to even fathom that our ancestors in the U.S. actually used to sell other human beings as property, yet it was a very common practice of buying and selling human beings in the market place in our land for more than 200 years before it was done away with and rendered unthinkable in our land.

Deplorably, here we've sat for the past 46 years STILL ignoring our preborn neighbors and allowing them to be murdered in the womb by their own mothers because most Christians adhere to a false perception that murder-minded mothers are a victim of their selfish heinous act of murdering their own baby in the womb. This mentality has left a horrifying wake of millions of fellow image bearers of God being poisoned and butchered without any justice for their murder and with no end in sight. This is SIN!

It's time for the Church to repent of her apathy and indifference toward the suffering of the preborn and to truly love her preborn neighbors and engage in the battlefield to put forth a labor of love to criminalize murder in the womb. Get involved TODAY.  #LoveBeginsInTheWomb #ChurchRepent  #CriminalizeAbortionNow #TheLawRestrainsTheMurderer 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Randall Middle School Educated on Abortion

While exposing the truth of murder in the womb, some students at Randall Middle School are polite and some are foul-mouthed and love death. And some parents reveal the manifestation of their murderous hearts which typically comes from having murdered one of their own children in the womb.

#CriminalizeAbortionNow  #TheLawRestrainsTheMurderer


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Enough is Enough — It's Time to Establish ALL Abortion as Murder

Photo by Troy Buccini
Why do "pro-lifers" support legislation that deliberately leaves out protection for rape conceived babies? It's a bunch of hog wash to sit back for 45 years and keep saying, "We'll take whatever we can get." That's so weak and lame and quite frankly, it's disgusting.

Enough is enough. If "pro-lifers" are serious about wanting ALL babies protected, then they need to DEMAND it from their "pro-life" lobbyists and legislators! "Pro-life" lobbyists and legislators haven't made any progress to end all abortion because they are NOT SEEKING to end all abortion. When are "pro-lifers" going to wake up and smell the coffee?

If "pro-lifers" would keep up with what abolitionists are doing to put an end to ALL abortion, they would discover that it's the "pro-life" lobbyists who are deliberately advising legislators to BLOCK bills that will establish ALL abortions as murder. These abolition bills aren't even making it out of committee BECAUSE OF the "pro-life" lobbyists who are getting paid by the big money "pro-life" organizations that are telling the lobbyists who are telling the legislators to NOT establish abortion as murder.

"Pro-lifers" have been duped by the very organizations that they give money to who claim they are trying to "end abortion" when the truth is that behind all the big money are some fat cats who have no problem taking money from sincere donors and using the preborn as a political football to keep lining their pockets with an unending supply of easy money.

"Pro-lifers" need to stop believing the lies about the abolitionist movement and start doing their own research into the abolitionist movement. They should start here with this article that gives a summary of history of abolition legislative efforts that exposes the truth of where the battlefield really is and who the REAL enemies of the preborn are when it comes to ending their suffering.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Former StemExpress Worker Says She Passed Out Sorting Through Aborted Baby Parts at Planned Parenthood

A new video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) features an interview with a former StemExpress worker, who recalls that she passed out on her first day on the job as she was trained in sorting through the body parts of an aborted child at Planned Parenthood.

The video, entitled “First Day at StemExpress Inside Planned Parenthood,” is stated to be the first in a series of whistleblower interviews. StemExpress was a business partner with Planned Parenthood, and would be present in various facilities to procure the desired body parts following the abortions.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Girl Expresses Righteous Anger Over Murder of Babies in the Womb

Abolitionists across the country are taking the truth of baby murder out in front of our public schools to educate the young people in our nation on what abortion does to a little tiny baby in his/her mother's womb. In this video footage you will witness first-hand how children know instinctively that the murdered baby in the picture on the sign is a fellow image bearer of God, and they know that it's an injustice to murder the babies. Watch how this middle school student expressed her righteous anger over the murder of babies in the womb.

This is how abortion will be abolished: When we expose the truth of baby murder to children, they will grow up to end the slaughter and won't tolerate any exceptions!  Will you start being a voice for your preborn neighbors? You can get started with ordering some abolition equipment and supplies at this link www.AHAgear.com. Also, get all the details on what it means to be an abolitionist and how to start an abolitionist society in your town at this link: www.AbolishHumanAbortion.com.

(Click here to watch the featured video directly on YouTube.)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Churches love Halloween & Refuse to Rescue Babies from Brutal Death

This composite of video clips of five churches reveals the horrifying truth that it's the overwhelming majority of the CHURCH who is keeping baby murder hidden and acceptable in our nation. It's time for the Church to REPENT of her apathy and indifference toward the suffering of the preborn. Go to www.AbolishHumanAbortion.com to join or start an abolitionist society in your area. You can also go to www.AHAgear.com to order abolitionist equipment and supplies to start being a real voice for your preborn neighbors.

Click here to be directed to the link to the Southern Baptist Convention archives of their Resolutions on abortion.

Click here to view this nine-minute video directly on YouTube.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Children are Capable of Understanding Injustice

Children are capable of understanding the injustice imposed on their peers.

They feel compassion and a desire to interpose.

It is not children who wish to hide this evil, but adults who have perpetrated this violence against their own sons and daughters; their children's brothers and sisters who do not wish to be exposed. It's also adults who hide the truth because they don't wish to be troubled out of their apathy by the righteous indignation of a child.

Children know why we must expose this, and so we cannot use them as an excuse to cover up the truth, and abandon other children who are being murdered.

Rather we should be an example to them of fearless courage in the face of the evil of our age. We should be a reassurance that adults do care, and will oppose injustice, regardless of the personal cost.

Stop teaching your children about fictional heroes slaying imaginary dragons, and be a courageous child of God who opposes the dragon of abortion, teaching your child the value of courage and faith in God, in your daily life.
(Authored by an admin from the Abolish Human Abortion Facebook page)