Friday, December 9, 2016

Children are Capable of Understanding Injustice

Children are capable of understanding the injustice imposed on their peers.

They feel compassion and a desire to interpose.

It is not children who wish to hide this evil, but adults who have perpetrated this violence against their own sons and daughters; their children's brothers and sisters who do not wish to be exposed. It's also adults who hide the truth because they don't wish to be troubled out of their apathy by the righteous indignation of a child.

Children know why we must expose this, and so we cannot use them as an excuse to cover up the truth, and abandon other children who are being murdered.

Rather we should be an example to them of fearless courage in the face of the evil of our age. We should be a reassurance that adults do care, and will oppose injustice, regardless of the personal cost.

Stop teaching your children about fictional heroes slaying imaginary dragons, and be a courageous child of God who opposes the dragon of abortion, teaching your child the value of courage and faith in God, in your daily life.
(Authored by an admin from the Abolish Human Abortion Facebook page)

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